Jack Irving is a production and costume designer based in London.

Jack started out a set and costume designer in his home town of Blackpool (UK), where he was captivated by the magical showbiz world of the circus, theatre and the famous illuminations. He moved to London at the age of 18 to study performance design at Central St Martins College of art and design.  It was during this time Jack was given the creative freedom to enable him to nurture the colourful aesthetic that was born during his childhood. 

Jack is a storyteller and fantasist and depicts this throughout his current work, his work is a spectacle of glamour infused with engineered technology.

Jack now specialises in creative production and costume design for theatre installation and live performance.  His work has included, Costume design for The X Factor, art installations with "Secret Cinema”, and video mapping installations for Gloria’s at XOYO nightclub London.  Jack has also showcased both his”Nebula” and ‘Firefly”  collections at Berlin Alternative Fashion Week.

Jack is most known for his work with Lady Gaga who has worn many of his pieces, the most famous of these is the Sea Urchin Showgirl inflatable dress that she wore on the finale night of her artRAVE:The Artpop Ball World Tour in Paris. 

Jack’s mission is to engulf the world in the most fantastical spectacle, incorporating all elements of theatricality with a love for colliding technology with live performance.

“Nothing succeeds like excess” (Oscar Wilde).